Please contact me directly for current online program information to see if it’s a fit.

What is it?

Body Structure = Movement = Health

Osteopathy principles-based alignment exercises.

1 on 1, group classes and workshops. 

Movement that supports your lifestyle.

A restorative practice and holistic strength training approach.

Why does it matter?

Individual Sovereignty = Self Regulation = Transformation 

A way for us to master self-care, inspire growth in self and each other to show up in becoming the best version of ourselves.

The awareness that unfolds creates stability and coordinates the nervous system.

How does it work?

Regenerative Process = Manifestation of Life = Infinite Possibility

Developing our senses by communicating with ourself as a WHOLE, allows the body to find its natural posture.

With body sensation as the guide we use observation, visualization and intention to manifest new movement potential.