What is it?

Body Structure = Movement = Health

Creating space through gentle adjustments empowers the WHOLE body with life force to find health.

Why does it matter?

Self Healing = The body wants to do the work for you!

Identifying the root cause of pain so the body can heal itself.  This also provides preventative care for health predispositions through hormonal and cognitive improvements.

How does it work?

Dynamic Adaptation

Freeing stuck areas of tension through decompression in bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue to increase nerve, artery, vein, lymphatic flow to and from all cells/tissues.


Healthy movement patterns are introduced in an integrative way so the body can adapt and work in harmony. I use gentle hands on adjustments to assist bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue into a position of ease. Shifting forces of gravity so body weight can travel equally through the centre. This also takes compression off of nerve, artery, vein and lymphatics. Releasing back up of pressure on the circulatory system moves nutrient rich blood into cells and pumps out toxins accordingly. Nervous system health is dependent upon receiving this supply of blood in order to carry out the body’s proper functioning. Nourishment in and waste out is the creation of health!


A summary by founder Andrew Taylor Still:

He came up with the notion that a higher power has designed the perfect structure that is capable of living out its days without the use of drugs if the structure is kept in good repair. This is the foundation of mechanophysiology and mechanopathology. The word Osteopathy comes from osteo meaning bone, and pathos meaning suffering. This is commonly misconstrued as the pathology of bones – however, it is because of the structure that the bones provide for all of the other structures that are attached to it. The misplacement of bone causes an obstruction of flow through the body that leads to irritation of the nerve flow and blood flow. The framework of the body (bony structure) houses the muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, and lymphatics. This is an arrangement that allows for health to take place. When all of the structures are in their correct position there is no friction to allow for disease to occur.